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10 Floral Blazer Picks From PILAEO That All Men Need

Floral blazer styles are trending, in fact they never were NOT. Men who are savvy enough to acknowledge what being a true gentleman is all about, have always stuck to apparel that is trendy and sophisticated, but also has a air of creativity to them. Floral blazers, especially the selections seen at Pilaeo.com are among the crop of powerhouse menswear styles for 2016 and beyond. If you are looking for a trend to rock day in and day out, whether its to an elegant evening party, or perhaps a casual dinner, floral blazers, and blazers for men as whole, especially styles that have some really awesome creative, knack to them,  should certainly become your best friend.

It’s also worht mentioning that if you’ve been keeping up with the PILAEO Twiiter, or PILAEO fashion blog, then you may know exactly what the most elegant and fashion forward blazer styles look like. To remind you, Here are 10 time tested floral blazer picks from PILAEO that all men seriously need!


Wild Parrots Luxury Floral Blazer For Men -  Here at PILAEO

Creative Butterflies Red Blue Mens Black Velvet Blazer - Here At PILAEO

Embroidered Blazer Featuring Mens Elegant Multicolor Floral - Here at PILAEO

Pure Gold Luxury Floral Embroidered Blazer For Men - Here At PILAEO

Charming Blue Antique Floral Leaves Blazer For Men - Here At PILAEO

Amazing Gentlemens Plaid Grey Floral Blazer For Men - Here At PILAEO

Classic Men Artisan Vibrant Rose Floral Blazer - Here At PILAEO

Gorgeous Plaid Floral Gentlemens New Blazer - Here At PILAEO

Gentlemens Tailored Blue Floral Embroidered Blazer - Here At PILAEO

Gentlemens Tailored Black Burgundy Silver Embroidered Floral Blazer - Here At PILAEO

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