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12 Amazing Blazers For Cool Men On The Go

It is definitely not a surprise that blazers are consistently touted at the ultimate mens fashion item that can be very flexible  - casual , or professional. With the various kinds of styles designed by fashion designers, from floral prints to animals prints, and dapper tailored cuts, to vibrant, colorful styles, mens fashion seems to be doing anything other than slowing down. Creative style is what is rocking high end fashion runways around the world and from Milan, to Paris, And London, And New York. The truth is men are making a statement - a statement that goes to show that men in this modern era are not bound to any constraints, and is very capable of really modernizing his style, all while sticking to the traditional suit. Being on the go has become an inevitable part of modern city life, and blazers would really make the perfect clothing that will suit any guy’s lifestyle, effortlessly. Here are 12 amazing blazers for cool men on the go.

Navy Blue Beige Plaid Elegant Double Breasted Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

What better way to make a statement of style than to sport a double breasted plaid blazer. Equipped with elegant golden buttons and a ¾ short sleeve design, this is excellent for those events where you’re not really sure whether you want to go over-the-top with a tie,suit, and shiny shoes, but also want to be stylish enough to not be left out of the circle!

Luxury Black Gray Camo Fashion Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

The camo pattern has always been a menswear favorite. With it’s distinct design, it looks amazingly in style on a blazer. This black and grey camo blazer is excellent for the most elegant of events , or simply business casual. Make your mark by leaving a great impression on the crowd. This blazer is just what you can use to do that.

Linen Fashionable Modern Dark Green Floral Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

Linen blazers have always been a popular choice for the most elegant and truly fashionable men.  The natural fabric is one that is a must have for summers and in winter can be paired with sweaters to look just as awesome! The floral pattern in this blazer gives off a really cool and natural artsy look. Pair this with a white t-shirt and blue denim jeans for a more trendy, modern, and confident you.

Blue Green Floral Camouflage Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

This blue and green creative blazer which is really a more artsy version of floral pattern, in a camouflage design. If you are a creative type, who knows how to work with extravagant and louder colors/designs in clothing - this is your best friend. Sport this with nothing but neutral color pants and shirts to tone down the loud pattern and design. This is perfect for events where you do not want to go ignored. Sport this with dress pants, shorts, or denim jeans,  and simply wait for the complements to stream your way!

Classic Floral Black Light Beige Creative Design Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

Bright Blue Black Modern Art ¾ Sleeve Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

Sakura Floral Fashionable Black Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

Luxury Burgundy Black Velvet Heart Sleeves Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

Multicolor Cool Floral Short Sleeve Spring Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

Gold Black White PILAEO Animal Design Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

Dotted Lapel Multicolor Floral White Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

Luxury Floral Collar Burgundy Velvet Blazer At Pilaeo Blazers For Men

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